>haiii!! silly luh bruh


> hiii!! i love your handwriting omg


> huh? what is this sobs

04/28/24 MY WIFE'S BIRTHDAY!!!
"Hi Star please don’t let the dysphoria consume you your too cool for that" > giggles and kicks my feet up in the air (i spose youre talking about my dysphoria page? that was a moment dude i just need a place to vent sometimes, im not doing allat badly mentally tbh. im feelin much better now- dysphoria just sorta ebbs and flows like a bitch... anyway, thank you!!) also if this is isaac please work on your grammar i may type very informally but at least i dont say "hear" instead of "Here" and "your" instead of "you're".. if this isn't isaac (an irl) then im sorry i just needed to be evil. anyway thank you!! i appreciate it :)

"This is the site of all time" > yay!! yippee!! idk if you're referring to my strawpage or my neocities but either way i'm very glad you enjoy!! i like just having a lil corner where i can put whatever i want, its so soothing >:3

"Who else hear has flesh." > idk i personally am an amorphous being so can't relate. also you used the wrong "here" isaac lol

if i was sent more stuff i would be unstoppable

no, seriously. nobody would be able to stop me.

what, don't believe me? ...

well, i guess you'll just have to send me something and find out.

send me stuff here!