The thing about me is: I'm pretty chill with shipping.

I can get behind a lot; at the very least, I'm not gonna harrass u about it.

i may make fun of u if i dont understand the ship (but whtv im just a little hater)

but for incest, i dont just ship them cuz they're siblings, like i ship them for a reaason!! (its just a bonus)

like despaircest (junko x mukuro) i love them because they have a very interesting dynamic! mukuro literally gave up everything to destroy the world with junko. mukuro CANONICALLY likes being degraded by JUNKO. junko sees her as a plaything and nothing more. thats a really interesting dynamic!!

coffincest/gravescest (andrew x ashley) i love them because THEY'RE SO BAD FOR EACH OTHER!!!! ashley is a codependent piece of shit who latched onto the first person who offered her any semblance of comfort, which happened to be andrew. at first in the game, we couldn't tell WHAT exactly was wrong with andrew like we could as easily as with ashley. and then a dream- "this is your possible future" type of dream- happened. one where andrew & ashley fuck. and andrew is blushing as hell. and everything makes sense- he stays near her, shows PHYSICAL signs of clinginess and dominance that, when not thinking about it, seems fine. he's just much more subtle about it. ashley has like, an inferiority complex, and andrew is her favorite person and she probably has bpd, thats obvious. but for andrew his only thing wrong with him is that he is mega bricked up for his sister

then for shizushiho (YIPPPEEEEE!!!!!) i just think they're very neat. shiho is from leo/need which is my absolute fave project sekai unit, and shizuku is from more more jump! which is my (very close) second fave project sekai unit. shiho is sort of "stoic" and puts on a tough front, but shizuku is very expressive, and when shizuku talks to shiho's friends, she always spills all sorts of embarrassing secrets so its very cute. their dynamic is much fluffier, i just think they're neat.