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welcome to melancholic-entrails v2! despite the new version, this site remains the same at its core- a place for me to express myself away from the enshittification of social media. i tend to ramble about nature, art, music, fandoms- especially danganronpa!- and other stuff like that, so if that seems interesting why not stick around?

i'm also a strong believer in the idea that the content of a site is more important than the layout of the site!! and don't worry, my old layout will still stay up :3

even tho i have edgy interests, ppl who r racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, or general bigots, just fuck off.

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today was super fun! it was an early release day at school, so that meant we got to leave a couple hours early. and because it was an early release day, we didn't *really* do anything important in class so it was pretty easy. and on TOP of that, my friend and i made plans to go to the library, record store, and then go get boba after school.

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"Hi Star please don’t let the dysphoria consume you your too cool for that" > response here

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anyway, if this is your first time perusing my domain, welcome in! papers scatter as i make room on my desk to set down a booklet of information. assuming you are seeking more information about the webmaster, look no further—

Your name is RANO. your pronouns are HE/HIM, and you like MEN with a BURNING PASSION. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for ROCK AND METAL MUSIC. You enjoy anthropology, entomology, and are A BIG NERD ABOUT THESE THINGS. You have a fondness for the BESTIALLY STRANGE AND FICTITIOUS, and sometimes dabble in ART. You also like to COLLECT PHYSICAL MEDIA, and your room is a BIT OF A MESS. And on occasion, if just the right one strikes your fancy, you like to play VIDEO GAMES with your friends.

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