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me being hateful about things for little reason

I FUCKING HATE WEBPS. they are so annoying. whenever you try to convert them for some reason they're just a huge fucking pain in the ASSSSSSS. like, i've been making coquette versions of my teachers from pics i found online right? just for fun cuz its funy right? and i was working on one just now except the only image really i wanted to coquette-ify of him was a webp. and the program that i use *because its no sign up required, lets you layer images,, allinall pretty good* DOESNT FUCKING TAKE WEBP? and it doesnt even SAY THAT anywhere. anyway fuck google.

woah i fucking hate that elon rraised the api integration costs. i mostly only still HAVE twitter so i can get screenshots and shit. (from nintendo switch) and yeah i know there are alternatives but they're more difficult and time consuming, and im not fucking getting facebook. anyway so after the integration thing is removed im flat out gonna deactivate on twitter for real this time, and im not fuckin going back. fuck elon musk, i genuinely hope he gets shot along with all his tech and shit being permanently destroyed. someone better rip out his skull and drink hella expensive wine out of that shit. eat the rich.