hey, wanna listen to some tunes?

music is pretty much my main interest, speak to me for over 3 minutes and i'll likely reference music or something, that's a major reason why ibuki is my favorite character ever. her passion and interest for music is just super compelling to me as someone whose main ambition in life is to make a band. it feels like you're baring a part of your soul to someone in a way you cant even put into words.

i used to take guitar lessons and play guitar a few years ago, but yknow having super bad unresolved depression and trying to pursue anything artistic when you have negative energy levels isn't exactly the best. also a few years ago my music taste was kinda ass so like ,,, what was i doing man. anyway, i had an acoustic of my own, but my guitar instructor, jim, had a next door neighbor who was about to donate their old electric, and remembered he was an instructor and gave it to him. it was a dark blue electric guitar with white on it and i dont remember exactly what it looked like but it was sort of like this.

i did have to give my electric back to jim whenever i quit unfortunately, which honestly demotivated me even more. the only reason i was learning is because everything about the electric guitar has me enamored. i also used to have a really pretty guitar strap that i accidentally got rid of whenever i recycled the cardboard my acoustic came in; it was a black strap with rainbow lines embroidered along it, and it was so pretty. anyway, that's gone now.

luckily, my nana recently gave me my cousin's old guitar, but i haven't really used it much. luckily i dont have super bad depression any more, and i actually have good free time, i'm just sort of lazy. i'm sorta in a perpetual state of low-energy for no reason in particular, so even though i'm really passionate about music, i don't output the beginning so that i can get the results i want.

the thing about playing guitar (or any other instrument, i'm assuming) is that before you put in all the energy and effort into practicing, it's SUPER difficult, and honestly just not enjoyable. it only gets really good once you start feeling the music; when you've practiced and played enough that it sort of flows from your fingertips. and i think it's just me being dramatic, but i feel like i no longer have the heart to give that initial output. but from what i remember, the moment when it all connects is like the best thing in the world.

and that's pretty much my whole story with PLAYING instruments; i've just always adored it, but without the energy or follow-through it's difficult. after that, i'd also like to talk about growing up around music. music has always been a part of me i guess; i never really thought about it too deeply, i dont think.

music i've grown up with

im gonna format this like a 4chan post because i think that'll be the best way to get my point across succicenctly. it's also funny