hiii this page is pretty much a landing for stuff, interests, fascinations.. with things that i'm scared of people judging me for. yknow because twitter, tiktok, tumblr, cancel culture in general... ITS SCARY!!

so this is my page to talk about FICTIONAL (MOSTLY) fucked up stuff i'm interested in. since obviously i code and work on this website for fun, its not gonna be absolutely awesome think piece fest, but .. whatever this is my word vomit.

explore if you want but please be mindful of your triggers and personal discomforts; i am NOT responsible for those.

disclaimer i guess im just talking about stuff that occupies my brain spacee... doesn't mean i like the creator/themes/content/etc. also dont try to cancel me for my ships they're pixels on a screen that we mash together for fun, this is neocities, and my personal site, and this IS your warning. that said, if you're sticking around, enjooy!!

i love your cruddy

killing stalking

the coffin of andy and leyley

emergence/metamorphosis manga

junko and mukuro's relationship- danganronpa
return to the familiar..