i began to sit down and write more about me, but i realized that i would prefer people to get to know me through my site. my *name* doesn't matter, nor do my pronouns and labels. i mean if you really want to know, feel free to read the rest of this page. but i think i'd much prefer summarizing myself through my interests.

i try to find beauty in a lot of things and i'm heavily opinionated on a variety of things. i tend to keep to myself a bit, my main activities aside from this site being listening to music and interacting with art games and fandoms in some way. i adore the natural world and its super fascinating to learn about. i write fic sometimes, draw, rarely play guitar, often talk about music, code (obviously), talk about media, occasionally embroider, and most of all enjoy existence. i'm typically the type of person that if left alone, i can just be very still and quiet. in other words, i'm not athletic at all. being out in nature is incredible though, and i find it very fascinating.

with everything i do, i try to bring passion to it, even when i have low energy (as i do most days). i am heavily disillusioned with majority of social media generally speaking. it's so hostile, and actively i can feel myself deteriorating when on it. i like having space to reflect and ramble and ponder and enjoy things without forcing myself to care about numbers. i hope that my website can help you slow down and enjoy things. most things here were handcoded, but snippets have been snatched from other sites as well as tutorials. i really like it, because it feels like a patchwork of colors surrounding me.

and the universe said,

"I love you / because you are love"

info about rano

prns: he/him or it/its

age: a teen younger than the ds (01/15/XX)

boy but grrrl


whats up with your gender & pronouns dude?

while i do prefer he/him or it/its pronouns, those aren't really my pronouns.

my pronoun preferences are heavily influenced by my trans-ness; namely, i resonate more with being perceived in a masculine adjacent way. As well as that, while growing up, as i was mainly perceived as a girl, i don't OFTEN enjoy she/her being used towards me.

that's why i normally just say he/him for simplicities sake; i normally get dysphoric when someone uses she/her on me, but as listed above, it CAN be nice whenever they view it as a dual-thing, cuz thats how my gender feels a lot of the time. i'm not a boy in the way a cis boy or even a plain trans boy is. i'm a boygirl. i'm a girl in a boy way and a boy in a girl way. it's really confusing and doesn't make sense but it's really cool i think.

okay, cool, but what's with the it/its? isn't that for like monsters and animals..?

exactly!! it/its and non-human terms give me a lot of euphoria. this is for a variety of reasons, and to the average joe, that sounds really odd, i'd assume. like, duude what is up with it/its,, isn't that for animals?? what are you viewing yourself as less than human for being trans?? you're being transphobic to yourself.

sooo, let me explain!! i'm alterhuman, which is pretty much just anything to do with feeling other than human. this has to do with my queerness directly, as other species obviously don't have the same view of gender & sexuality that humans do. obviously not all alterhumans are queer, and not all that are feel this way, but i'm talking in reference to myself lol.

alterhumanity is a big part of who i am; it impacts the way i view myself, the world, my identity, and all that stuff! it has its ups and downs, but overall, i would say i'm proud to be otherkin. yes, i'm a fae, and? next question please xd. well, anyway, while i do view myself as a fae-elf thingy, i also view myself as some form of eldritch being. i'll link you to my friend's page about alterhumanity. and here is that same friend talking about their experience with being a polymorph! enjoy reading if you're curious :)

tldr; it/its & nonhuman terms give me euphoria cuz i'm nonhuman. i only like she/her when it's used in conjunction with he/him, like two sides of a coin. thx for reading!

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